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Staying on the Island We Love

Teri Williams, T WIlliams RealtyBy Teri Williams

This was the topic for the 2015 Orcas Island Senior Faire. The annual event is geared to inform and share services available to seniors and their families on Orcas Island by bringing it all together under one roof. Add lunch prepared at the Senior Center and a three-piece band and you have an event to remember! I even saw a few people dancing, taking full advantage of live music and a break in the speakers.


My job was to distribute information and answer questions about Lahari.

I have to admit there was a lot of information to take in, people to connect with and thank-yous to acknowledge – Dennis King, Paul Losleben, Wendy Stephens and Jami Mitchell for putting this event together – and to the many Orcas volunteers, seniors, family members and caregivers who give unconditionally and support our wish to stay on the island we love.


Speakers delivered lots of information at the  event.

Here is a list of the participants for this year and links to resources:

Medicare and You
Peggy Groundwater and Michael Moss, SHIBA; and Diane Linnell, DSHS

When Emergencies Happen
Mike Preysz, Orcas Island Fire and Rescue; Cindy McFreely, Airlift Northwest

Lions Mobility Assistance Equipment Loaner Program
Barbara Trunkey, Orcas Island Lions


The band entertained and even sparked some dancing.

Advance Directives
Libby Garcia, RN

EKG Baselines
Rita Harvey and crew, Orcas Island Fire and Rescue

Falls and Sprawls, How Not to Do It
Scott Heisinger, DTP, Orcas Island Physical Therapy

Aging in the Right Place
Dennis King, Lahari

Bringing Services into the Home
Didier Gincig, Hearts and Hands
Doug Schliebus, Orcas at Home

Caregiving on Orcas
Dennis King, Lahari

Caregiving Perspectives
Caregiving Panel, Lahari


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It Takes an Island to be a Senior

Teri WilliamsBy Teri Williams

Having the opportunity to be the listing agent and property manager for Lahari home in Deer Harbor was a huge honor for me, chalked up yet another successful sale, and created a relationship that moved me ahead on another adventure.

The Lahari Board wanted to expand its outreach into the community by creating programs that fit the life style of our community members who have had many birthdays behind them and few in front of them, our seniors. They asked me to join the board and I soon found a passion for our Safe Home Program.

LahariThe Safe Home Program supports seniors who wish to remain in their homes by evaluating the health and safety aspects of the home, and following up with recommendations for improvements. Lahari is well-funded and committed to financial support as part of the program. We have a handful of contractors and tradesmen who volunteer their skills for some of these improvements.

In the past, Lahari’s focus was mainly hospice care, however, many of our community seniors (and even not-so-senior) wish to remain in their homes instead of moving to a care facility. Something in the blood when you live on an island! I believe we have a pioneer spirit and cast iron constitutions supporting our independent attitudes.

The Safe Home Program is set up to check for hazardous situations, but I am finding it offers much more by giving and receiving emotional support as well. Many of the seniors are lonesome, scared, and unsure of what comes next. Just knowing someone cares and will listen seems to be one of the many benefits of the program, for both the property owner as well as for the evaluator. I am finding it hard not to adopt each and every senior I meet!

I don’t know about you, but I had plans of kicking and screaming on the trail to elder care outside of my home. Now I know there is light near the end of this ride called life, and a caring heart and patient ear to listen to my tales.

If you know of someone who can benefit from this program, give me a call or contact Lahari directly by going to the website www.laharionorcas.org.

Cheers to the years ahead!



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