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Prune Alley Gets a Facelift!

Teri WilliamsBy Teri Williams

It all started when Rachel Dietzman, County Engineer, indicated the Public Works Department will not be paving Prune Alley (which really needs it) until the County can design and install some pedestrian features.

Rachel attended an Eastsound Planning Review Committee (EPRC) meeting to discuss how EPRC could help facilitate working with the community and develop a plan. As an EPRC member, I watched the events unfold.

prune alley

Prune Alley – ready for a facelift!

Fred Klein, EPRC member, desired to take a whack at it and did a fantastic job, using the Streetscape Plan for Eastsound as a base. Fred’s proposed changes and additions encompassed all issues Public Works has with Prune Alley. Public Works wholeheartedly endorsed Fred’s plan and will use it for the Prune Alley Complete Streets design.

Grant Application

Public Works applied for some $600k to construct a “complete street” including share rows (bicycle and auto shared lanes like they have in Seattle). If Public Works is successful obtaining the grant, the County will be required to complete the design in 2013.

However, if Public Works is unsuccessful in obtaining the construction grant, they will still use Fred’s design to install some pedestrian features with a goal to fully implement the entire plan over the course of a few years.

EPRC’s goal was to create a design which will transform the streetscape of Prune Alley from its current state of being an undifferentiated-50-foot-wide-swath-of-chip-seal-and-gravel into the intimate, pedestrian-friendly, varied streetscape with curbs, sidewalks, and landscaping features exemplified by Main Street and North Beach Road.

Cooperative Community Spirit

EPRC met with property owners to determine how their concerns can be met using the optimal elements of the streetscape standards in the Eastsound Village Plan; these include several options for on-street parking (or no parking), a big concern for businesses. A cooperative community spirit resulted in a plan which is 100% supported by the landowners.

Next, EPRC will take the Prune Alley plan to the utility service providers later this month.

Come to one of our meetings – EPRC meets the first Thursday of each month at the Eastsound Fire Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

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