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Spice It Up with Homemade Red Pepper Jelly

Posted by Teri

Red peppersOne of the simple pleasures of fall is canning the summer’s bounty — especially when you invite a girlfriend over to can along with you. Last week a friend and I had fun making Red Pepper Jelly — a recipe idea from Pacific Northwest: The Beautiful Cookbook by Kathy Casey

This versatile pepper jelly is a “must have” for your pantry. It’ll spice up an impromptu “happy hour”, add pizzazz to your Sunday Brunch or put a new twist on the same old entree (see chicken idea below.)

Canning on Orcas Island

Christina Bollinger, import from Lopez, family friend, blogger and connoisseur of fine food helped me can jelly.

Red Pepper Jelly

3 large red peppers, cored and seeded.

3 fresh Serrano (small hot red) chili peppers. Cored and seeded.

¾ cup white vinegar.

3 oz. (1 box powder) of liquid pectin.

3 ½ cup white sugar.

Cut the peppers and chilies into rough cut chunks and puree’ in a blender (approx 2 cups). Add vinegar, sugar and pectin and bring to a hard boil. Boil 20 minutes stirring constantly. Pour into 4 oz jam jars. Process 10 minutes in a water bath (cover jars with water 2” above jars and bring to boil before you start the clock.)

Serve with cheese and crackers. red pepper jelly


Serve with sour cream as a side to scrambled eggs.


Baked Chicken with Red Pepper Jelly
I got this idea from watching an Emeril Lagasse cooking show. Didn’t write recipe down, but remembered the gist of the dish.

Place chicken thighs and legs on a baking pan. Cut apple into 4 pieces (with skin), cut large chunks of yellow onion, and add both to baking pan. Dump jar of red pepper jelly on top of all ingredients and stir to coat all. May take 2 jars depending on size of your pan and amount of ingredients. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes, or until chicken is done and apples and onions are to desired doneness. Serve with a green salad and rice. 


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