Just Recycle It!

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Happy Earth Day Eve everyone!  Recycle It

I was reading my Whole Living magazine this morning (in the hot tub!) and came across a bit in recycling that caught my eye. With San Juan County looking to privatize our Solid Waste collection  and the future of our community recycling program uncertain, we all need to take responsibility in making sure our recyclables don’t become trash. Here’s a handy chart to find out where to take your recyclables and what products they actually become:

Material Where it Should Go What it Becomes
 #5 Polypropylene Plastic Check www.preserveproducts.com  Toothbrushes, razors, tableware, cutting boards
 #4 Low Density Plastic Bag check  www.recycle.org  Bike racks, eco-friendly lumber, reusable shopping bags
 #3 Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic PVC check  www.earth911.com Vinyl flooring, siding and piping
CDs, DVD’s and their cases  Check www.cdrecyclingcenter.org Office equipment, streetlights and auto parts
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs IKEA, Home Depot and Local Hardware Stores New fluorescent light bulbs
Printer Cartridges Printer Manufacture’s mail back, Office Depot New printer cartridges

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