Homemade Gifts – Island Style

Posted by Teri

I was really looking forward to this year’s homemade gifts. Every year I try to create a gift that will be unique and meaningful to the receiver. Not always an easy task! The benefit for me, besides the joy of giving, is having my thoughts go to the person. I recall memories, shared times together, likes, dislikes and the energy that person gives from their heart.

This year I tried a few new gift ideas:

Hand-painted Mailbox by Teri Williams

Creating designs for communication boxes, formerly known as mail boxes. I believe these inexpensive Home Depot purchases can be used inside the home and can deliver all kinds of messages.


Cross-stitch Pillow

Cross-stitch a “teri” designed pillow. This is the reason I needed a new eyeglass prescription! I added second-hand store beads for a little more color and texture.



Moccasins made by Teri Williams

Martha Stewart design of moccasins. Martha’s design used felt. I wanted something a bit sturdier and found fur lined suede for my toe warming gift.



Canned goods by Teri Williams

And lastly, one of my favorites, home canned goods. I spent an evening with close friends in Bellingham. I brought them a box of canned goodies: tuna, salsa, apple pie filling, apple butter and pepper jelly. Well received!


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2 Responses to Homemade Gifts – Island Style

  1. Very impressive stuff Teri!! You are really talented and resourceful. Steve and I declared homemade gift exchange for Christmas….we have yet to exchange-haha. Oh well, maybe next year 😉

  2. Teri Williams

    Well girl, I am not sure it is talent, but a whole lotta fun!!! Your homemade basket of goodies is here. When can we get together for some fun?