Slideshow of Fall Color on Orcas Island

Posted by Sandi

Coming from Florida where it’s virtually one season year-round, I’m very attuned to (and appreciative of) the change of seasons here on Orcas. Spring and summer are wonderful, but Fall is my favorite.

In late September the pace slows and year-round residents reconnect after a busy summer. Days remain mild and light rains resurrect the mosses and replenish our aquifer. But I have to admit, it’s the eye candy that delights me most!

Here are a few of my favorite scenes (click on pictures to enlarge.) If you have any pics you’d like to share, I’d love to see them!

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3 responses to “Slideshow of Fall Color on Orcas Island

  1. Eye candy, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Sandi!

  2. Orcas is a special place!

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