Part Two: My Perfect Birthday Weekend – Boating in the San Juan Islands

Posted by Teri

(Continued from Part One)

Resident orca whales in the San Juan Islands

Birthday whales! What more could you ask for?

…I looked at the mouth of Friday Harbor to the north and saw a whale jump! I could hardly believe my eyes when the pod of resident orcas started towards us. A few swam to the west of Turn Island but soon came back and headed past our boat toward the deeper waters of the channel. The activity unfolding in front of our eyes took my breath away. If you’ve not witnessed these graceful animals frolic in the water you really need to put it on your bucket (or birthday) list! I told Jay these were birthday whales and a gift I’ll never forget.

Sunset at Parks Bay, San Juan Islands

A perfect ending to a perfect day...Life is good.

After the show, we crossed the channel to the protected waters of Shaw Island’s Parks Bay, one of my top spots for viewing the sunset. It has good bottom for anchoring and is surrounded by undeveloped land owned by UW. Although you can’t go ashore, a row around the bay is a treat. You might see raccoons harvesting oysters  or a blue heron patiently fishing in the shallows.

Sleep comes easy after a day on the water. Sunday morning we awoke refreshed enjoyed a leisurely breakfast – meals always taste better on a boat! We reviewed the currents and charted our course for motoring back to our slip at Bay Head. I like to head back early before the waves get sloppy and boat traffic heavy.

My birthday weekend was filled with love, laughter, good food, nature’s gifts and boating. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate another year of life in the San Juan Islands!   

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2 responses to “Part Two: My Perfect Birthday Weekend – Boating in the San Juan Islands

  1. Carol Owens

    Oh, the happiest of birthdays, Teri! We saw orcas twice this year; once in April as J pod transversed our horizon; and again in August as transients whizzed thru, accompanied by huge whale-watching boats. Always spine-tingling; isn’t it? And on your birthday, very special.
    On my birthday 2 years ago, Bob and I were on a whale watching boat off St .Andrews, in the maritimes; and a juvenile humpback came over and investigate the boat, the came right at it ( we watched from the large bow window), then dove right under the boat…we were close enough to see the barnacles on his back…
    No doubt these are intelligent, very conscious creatures..
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carol Owens

    • Teri Williams


      Thank you for sharing and staying in touch. I know you too will find breath taking experiences here in the San Juan Islands! Hugs, Teri

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