Take Your Garden to Work

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Bountiful garden at T Williams Realty in Eastsound, Orcas IslandWhen I bought my corner commercial units in Eastsound three years ago, I got more than just prime office space: I gained an enviable street-front garden area.  Since I spend almost half my time in the office and my desk looks right out to this greenspace, I decided to make it my own. After the first season, I banished the landscaping service and some of the so-so shrubs in favor of a riot of color I could putter with.

Yarrow and lavender at T Williams Realty in Eastsound, Orcas IslandAt home my garden is mostly veggies, so at “work” I’ve chosen to indulge myself in flowers and fragrant herbs. I like to arrive early and snip here and there, bringing fresh cuttings inside the office for our centerpiece bouquet. On Saturdays you’ll often find me weeding and chatting with the passersby on their way to and fro the Farmers Market.

Fortuantely for my plant habit we have several nurseries on the island:

And when I’m on the mainland I love to lose myself at the amazing Christianson’s Nursery . Worth a day trip!!

Driftwood beach signs at T Williams Realty in Eastsound, Orcas IslandRecently I painted signs for a fun garden focal point. The directional driftwood arrows point to beaches on Orcas, some not so well known – so they should be a conversation starter.

I feel fortunate to be able to bring my hobby to the office. This garden, like every garden, is a labor of love and work in progress. Next year it might look completely different!

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