Spud Time: All Eyes Are In The Garden

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Mr. Potato and Friends

One of my must-dos in May include planting spuds. This year I purchased organic seed potatoes from a new local group called Food Masters who are working towards creating a sustainable food supply on Orcas by helping islanders grow their own food. They purchased 700 lbs of organic, certified disease-free seed potatoes (25 varieties!) from Eastern Washington growers. They say if all those potatoes average 7:1 return — the typical return is anywhere from 5:1 to 10:1 or even better — Orcas should have 3500 lbs of homegrown potatoes next fall! 

My first task was put my sons to work hauling hay and organic soil to the proposed potato home in a repurposed OPALCO ground vault (more on my creative raised bed containers in a future post!). Next, into the ground Mr. Potato went. As the potatoes grow, I will keep throwing soil on top so they always remain covered.

Of the several varieties I planted, one was a Yukon Gem –  supposedly a highly blight resistant, mid-season variety bred from Yukon Gold that claim to have much higher yields.  I plan to keep about 15% of my total crop to become seed potatoes for next year.

As I anticipate a kitchen full of potatoes, I’m already planning many meal possibilities to keep Mr. Potato interesting. Look for my recipes this fall and winter which will undoubtedly include spuds!!! 

Let me know your favorite spud variety or recipe and I will add it to my collection.

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