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Fawns In Our Blueberry Patch

Posted by Sandi

The other day I went up the hill to weed our neglected blueberry garden and was delighted to find a dozen or more fawns…White Fawn Lilies! I’ve seen the striking mottled leaves of our native (Erythronium oregonum) hugging the ground all around our property, but never a bloom because we’re heavily browsed by deer. Solution: put up a deer fence and let a section go wild!

Our native White Fawn Lily is becoming more rare because people pick them or try to transplant them, usually without success.

While this wasn’t the plan (the blueberry patch was my husband’s project that fell out of favor after losing last summer’s crop to birds), I was thrilled nonetheless. It makes me wonder what other natives would flourish if we deer fenced our property. Continue reading


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