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Fav Orcas Eatery Is Back – And Better!

Posted by Sandi

This weekend my husband Bob and I celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Westsound Cafe at The Kingfish Inn. After being for sale all last year and closed for the winter, the Inn reopened this month under new ownership.

Kingfish Inn and Westsound Cafe

The menu is all new but I was thrilled to find my favorite fish tacos still offered. They were slightly different, but just as good. And this time, instead of being served in a basket with soggy bottom paper it came on a square china plate. Prices seemed about the same.

Best of all, they installed acoustic panels on the ceiling. It used to be so noisy when the place was full that you could hardly hear yourself. Owner Nanae Fralick told me that had been one of her complaints as a customer too. Continue reading


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