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Puppy Love

Posted by Teri

Ask anyone and they will tell you I am not a “dog person.” So when my son moved into our guest house (as a paying tenant:) and brought with him two pit bulls as roommates, I knew this would challenge me on many levels!

What I’ve learned is you can teach an old dog a new trick – having gotten to know these pups, I’ve grown to adore them and their different personalities!

Sage plowing through the snow on Mt. Baker

Sage plowing through the snow on Mt. Baker. He has summited Mt. Herman 8 times -- a real outdoorsman!

Sage is an American Staffordshire Terrier and really is just a big 10-year-old boy. He loves to play and bounce off the walls and has to be right in the middle of everything. He bounces through the tall grass like a gazelle. He’s very loving and has a real connection to his “human” side.

Kai’a is a Bluenose American Pit bull Terrier and wears the pants in the family. She’s serious and focused, gentle and has love in her eyes. She’s stockier than Sage, so while Sage is bouncing through the grass, Kai’a is just plowing through, leaving a wide trail behind her.

Kai'a's first litter

The most beautiful pups you ever did see. I watched instinct take hold and witnessed the amazing process of birth and Kai’a becoming a mom.

Recently Kai’a gave us a gift – 11 puppies!  Now I’m not only learning about “dog love” but also about breeding. These pups were bred for color, markings, and lineage. All will be sold as pets with contractual agreements that they will never be over bred or trained to fight, and that they will be raised on natural foods with natural exercise — no steroids or weight pulling.

We’ll have a busy 10 weeks bonding and socializing with these pups. It will be hard to let them go. Yes, me, the “non dog lover,” will miss each and every one of these soft bundles of energy!

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