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A Mini Blonde and Her Keeper

Posted by Sandi

We promise this isn’t turning into a doggie blog, but I had to post these photos of Svetlana and her recent birthday present – a (still unnamed) mini-dachshund puppy. I’ve been dreaming of having a little snuggle dog just like this. I didn’t know they came as blondes too!

Svetlana holding new puppy
One happy girl and a lucky pup!

I met Svetlana in May 2010 when she moved into a rental house in Deer Harbor that Teri and I manage. She and Seth had driven cross-country from Philadelphia to Orcas to try out a 360° change in lifestyle. As it turns out, it suits them perfectly. They’ve made lots of friends and enjoy easy access to kayaking and other outdoor activities. Every time I see her she looks so happy. And now she has one more reason to smile!

Mini dachshund puppy

She was wiggling so much I couldn't keep her in the frame!

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