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Tap Into Your Inner Child: Build a Fairy House!

Posted by Sandi

Recently while showing property I happened across a neat surprise: a fairy house built on an old stump at the end of someone’s driveway. Instant enchantment! I went back to take pictures when I had more time. I just love it and am starting to look at stumps around my property a bit differently. Let me know what you think!

Fairy House on Orcas Island

The most important feature of a fairy house is the door. This one has a roof overhang above, garnished with a bird's nest.

Entrance to the Fairy House

Closer inspection revealed that the fairy house was already inhabited. Look at the the cute candle above the bench!

Chimney detail on the fairy house

Around back I found a stacked stone chimney. Cool!

Back of the Fairy House

And then I found another surprise - a second bird's nest! Someone really had fun with this.

There are many fairy house enthusists – and not all are children. You’ll find books, websites and even YouTube videos on building fairyhouses. All you really need, though is an imagination and desire to have fun outdoors. So go ahead – release your inner child!

And if this inspires you to make one, send me your pictures and I’ll include in a future post!


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