Spotlight on the Starflower

Posted by Sandi

Spring arrived early this year and the calendar is turning quickly. It seems like every time I look around, there’s something new blooming in my native plant garden. Mother Nature has expertly planned a succession of blooms so there’s never a moment without color or interest. Just when I’m lamenting the loss of the beautiful calypso orchids

Broadleaf Starflower

Broadleaf Starflower on Orcas Island…the Broadleaf Starflower steps up to center stage. Her delicate green leaves begin emerging in early spring as she creeps quietly along shady paths, playing the supporting role. Then suddenly she erupts with a sea of pale pink stars that last through June. All with zero effort on my part.

Broadleaf Starflower on Orcas Island

The effect at dusk or on a moonlit night is magical!

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6 Responses to Spotlight on the Starflower

  1. these are so gorgeous! im in love!

  2. Carol Owens

    Saw some in Moran today, up the trail to Mtn Lake, glowing in the shade.
    Sandi , you might want to consider offering your garden for consideration for next year’s tour…love the way you treasure native plants, and your love affair with mosses…