Lunch at Goat Leap Treehouse

Posted by Sandi

Susan Scott at her treehouse on Orcas Island

Susan and friends

For Valentine’s Day my friend Susan treated me to lunch at her treehouse on the east side of Orcas Island. Susan is no ordinary person, nor does she serve an ordinary lunch (green curry something-or-other and a fresh mango salad), so why would she have anything other than an extraordinary house?

When you arrive at Goat Leap and cross the bridge to her treehouse, you’re transported to a magical, playful world: An artful assemblage of funky materials – galvanized metal, homosote walls, reclaimed finds – wide plank flooring, old doors, rustic cabinet fronts, amidst bark-on timbers, cozy furnishings and colorful art. A kaleidoscope of fun, anchored in good design. Kudos to the architect – Mira Jean Steinbrecher, Susan and her design friends (including Pam at Red Ticking) for pulling it all together.

Although the treehouse has been featured in a magazine, this is not a pretentious showplace. Rather it’s a kick your shoes off, uncork another bottle and enjoy lap dances from her three pooches – Hamish, Tallulah and Dobby. It’s one of those places where everything is just so, and nothing is. A space that soothes the soul and makes your heart sing. Enjoy the tour, and thank you Susan!

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11 responses to “Lunch at Goat Leap Treehouse

  1. very cool! And look, the sun is shinning – it truly is a magical place 😉

  2. we love the tree house… but susan more!!! xx

  3. I adore Susan’s tree house!

    Thanks for the home tour.

  4. Neb Namfuak

    Nice tree house… how is this the “simple life” though???

    • Hmmm…driving on a bucolic island…no traffic or even traffic lights…up to a secluded knoll, no neighbors in sight…a tiny treehouse with a sleeping loft and no tv…just the essentials…good food and company…

  5. Wes

    Cool, thanks for sharing

  6. This treehouse is still one of the favorite buildings I’ve ever designed. I appreciate it in new ways every time I visit.

    • Hi Mira, thanks for visiting our blog. The treehouse you designed delights and uplifts everyone who visits — you’re making a positive difference in the world!

  7. Saw your treehouse on treetop builders on tv love love do you ever rent it out and do you serve lunch daily? Would love to visit. I cannot believe how beautiful living in nature could be. Live in the woods in NJ myself but SO
    Wonderful to visit your nest in the sky. Liz Bray

    • Hi Liz, the treehouse is Susan’s private residence. She doesn’t rent it out or serve lunch to the public. Orcas is a really special place to visit…hope you make it out here someday!

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