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Waiting for the Anacortes Ferry? Get Out of the Car and Onto the Beach!

Posted by Sandi

Trail to beach at Anacortes Ferry Landing

Trail to beach at the Anacortes Ferry Landing

I don’t go to the mainland often, but when I do, I like to get in the Anacortes ferry line early to make sure I can get the 3:35 boat back to Orcas. Usually I spend the extra time sitting in the car — reading, napping, catching up on emails or phone calls. But recently I tried something that Teri recommended: a relaxing walk on the beach.

Beach and marsh at the Anacortes ferry landing

Yes, Virginia, the sun DOES shine in November -- sometimes 🙂

It was a brisk November afternoon with the sun shining. From the ferry line I carefully crossed over the “pet” area and picked one of the sandy trails toward the beach. The first one dead ended in the marsh so I backtracked until I found the right one.
Beach at Anacortes ferry landing, Washington

Why did I wait so long to enjoy this sweet sandy beach?

At the end of the trail I was rewarded: A beautiful long sandy beach that felt far removed from the ferry traffic. In fact thanks to the wide marsh and sand dunes, the cars weren’t even visible. In the summer the beach is probably quite busy, but today it was all mine. I would be here awhile, glad I wore a watch.

You can’t tell from the photos, but near the water there were also small rocks of various colors, patterns and textures. I wonder, where do all these rocks come from? Did they travel large distances or are there are many large “mother rocks” under water? Is there an endless supply?

New boardwalk at Anacortes ferry landing

New boardwalk through the marsh - an easy walking trail ideal for bird watching.

I meandered down the beach until I came to the entrance of the new boardwalk Teri had told me about. Apparently it was built to give the new subdivision up the hill access to the beach. I walked a short way and decided I better get back to the the car. Next time I will arrive even earlier so I can explore more of the beach and boardwalk  – maybe even bring a picnic lunch!

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