Fourth of July – ‘Island Style’

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Before we moved to Orcas, Bob and I would vacation here during the Fourth of July. There were so many fun things to do – from pancake breakfasts to parades, fireworks to fairs and salmon BBQs. I had wondered if the novelty would wear off once we moved here. Not so! July 4th is still my favorite holiday in the San Juans!

The weather is nearly perfect and the holiday marks what islanders consider the true beginning of summer. Everyone gets in the spirit. The various communities synchronize their activities so there is something going  on for several days and nights.

A few summers ago, we started a tradition of going to Lopez Island with friends to see the Lopez Community fireworks display which has been hosted by local pyrotechnic volunteers for the past 20 years. We are hooked!  If you ever get a chance to go, here’s a peek of what you’ll see:

(photos by Bob Friel)

The reflection on Fisherman Bay doubles the impact and the show is phenomenal. The artistic of presentation is quite different from other shows you’ll see. In fact it’s drawn many rave reviews  from mainland newspapers.

This year we got to Lopez Village early enough to see the parade. What a hoot! Here are some shots:

2011 Lopez Island Fourth of July Parade

The parade theme was "the rock's red glare"


2011 Lopez Island Fourth of July Parade

Nearby Frost Island joins the procession

2011 Fourth of July Parade Lopez Island WA

Independence Day takes on another meaning for many islanders

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  1. Lots of fun! Hope you had a great time too! xx

  2. Wow. Fireworks photos are unbelievable!