We started Simply Orcas to share our love of Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest where we’re fortunate to live, work and play. Teri has lived on Orcas since 1989 and Sandi relocated from Florida in 2006.

Living on a 57 square mile island — free from the stressors and complexities of mainstream society– we get to focus on our passions of gardening, nature, boating and other outdoor activities. We engage in a lively community where people know your name, wave as they drive by and really want to know how your day is going! And as Realtors we’ve learned the nooks and crannies of this tiny paradise and have fun helping others realize their dreams of moving here too.

Join us as we discover the simple things that bring the most joy to this journey called life.

Life on Orcas Island — we think it’s better here!